Our Journey From Page 9; Getting Started

One Friday morning in August—typically a slower month for our company—I decided to Google Graphic Design Raleigh to see where Liaison Design Group ranked. I wasn’t expecting to be on page one, but what I found was really quite shocking. How could we be all the down on page 9?!?  Fortunately, I’m a pretty optimistic person and love a good “silver lining” spin, so I’m happy to report that this realization has motivated me to see what we can do on our own to improve our search engine ranking. I plan to chronicle this journey from page 9, and with any luck, we’ll start to see some positive results over the next few months.

First, a little bit about Liaison Design Group 

We’re a graphic design firm in Raleigh, NC that has been in business since 2000. We’ve got a dedicated and talented group of five full-time team members that tends to be more focused on meeting deadlines for clients than doing self-promotion. Those familiar with the story of the Cobbler’s kids have no shoes know what I’m talking about. 

Our services include everything from branding and identity development to the design and production of marketing collateral. While the majority of our work could be classified as corporate (B2B) communication, we’ve got experience in B2C and really enjoy the freedom that retail marketing allows.

Over the course of hundreds of hours of networking, I’ve finally developed a fast and helpful way to differentiate our company from the dozens of others in the market and online. Our niche is right in the sweet spot between talented freelance designers and large, full service marketing and PR agencies. The challenge with great freelancers is that they don’t always have capacity when you need them. And the challenge with large agencies can either be cost or a need to be on retainer whether or not you require their services. 

Here at Liaison Design Group, we offer the quality and capacity found at large agencies without the overhead and rigid fee structure. And with four full-time designers, we have tremendous capacity to work on a wide range of projects with tight timelines.

So here goes nothing. Failure is not an option and neither is staying on Page 9.