Our Move Downtown is Complete

After months of planning, our graphic design firm has finally completed its move to downtown Raleigh. And while there are still a few boxes left to unpack, I know we've truly arrived because our signs are up—and we've received our first group of solicitors! 

While the space we now occupy isn't much larger than our old office, it is much more open and enables even better communication between team members. And for anyone familiar with the creative process, it's very much dependent on sharing ideas and free flow of information.

A few photos of our new space are included below. Hopefully we'll be out of the boxes, and hanging some awards and artwork on the walls soon. Though, since this home was built in 1928, we are having to learn how to hang things on plaster walls. 

Front of our office

A couple of office shots - and a beautiful built-in!

A couple of office shots - and a beatiful built-in!

Our hope is to have an open house soon. We're looking forward to our new home, getting to know our new neighbors and growing our business in our new location.